• Combined treatments for macula and retina
  • Vitrectomy without injections and without stitches
  • Photodynamic therapy based on OCT only
  • The vitreoretinal traction in central serous retinopathy
  • New method to interpret OCT macular scan. Vitreoretinal Interface Signal Topography (VISIT) and the saltmarshes sign
  • Fibrinogen and retinal detachment


  • Investigation of the pathogenesis of age related macula degeneration
  • Pathology of Degenerative lesions of the macula


Dr Theocharis IP

Main areas of expertise

  • Medical and Surgical treatment of macular diseases
  • Medical and Surgical treatment of retinal diseases
  • Medical imaging
  • Refractive lens surgery and Cataract

Dr Alexandridou A

  • Treatment of Anterior segment diseases- Glaucoma, Dry Eye,Cataract
  • Refractive laser Correction
  • Laser surgery

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